The hydro-geomatics team of the Lab focuses on water information derived from Earth Observations and models and  technologies for improving the water information modelling, analysing, visualising and sharing.

More in detail topics of interest for hydro-geomatics team are:

  • Integration of spatio-temporal satellite data products for analyses on water and climate change;
  • Global and regional dynamics of land use / land cover, bio-diversity, desertification and drought;
  • Development, model, access, management and retrieval of large-volume, spatio-temporal water databases;
  • Spatial hydrologic data infrastructures, geospatial web and crowdsourced updating of geospatial water databases;
  • Web-based access, retrieval, (cloud) processing and dissemination of water related data;
  • Multidimensional and multiframe web visualization of hydrologic data;
  • Intelligent web geoportals providing decision-support tools for water analysis and management;
  • Geodetic techniques to estimate movements and levels of glaciers, to monitor displacements and deformations of dams and other hydraulic constructions;

Research Theme: