Integrated Water Resources Management

Research on Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) focuses on developing and applying new methodologies and tools to expand the scope of current management practices across sectors, multiple temporal scales and to the river basin level by coping with the increased complexity of the coupled human-natural ecosystem (e.g. non-linearity, uncertainty, non stationarity, many feedbacks, multiple decision-makers, and multiple stakeholders). 

We adopt approaches from Systems Analysis, Control Theory and Decision-Making Theory to characterize and analyze the co-evolution of human and natural processes, and to design adaptive planning and management decisions in light of current and projected societal, economic, and environmental needs.

Current research topics include: real time control of water resources systems, multi-objective learning-based policy design for water resources systems, multi-agent systems for optimization and simulation of distributed water systems, dynamic model emulation of large environmental models, features selection and extraction for input variable selection and causal inference.


Research Theme: