Research at the HIL focuses on developing innovative methodologies and tools to enhance understanding and management of water resources systems at different spatial and temporal scales and integrating expertise and knowledge from multiple disciplines including natural resources management, ICT, water quality modelling, hydrogeology, geomatics, and water economics.

Latest research news


From the 25th of April to the 7th of May, 2013, a team of Politecnico di Milano performed an hydrogeological survey campaign in Nauru.A team formed by Dr. L.Alberti, Dr. M.Cantone with the cooperation of Dr. A.Lozej from CNR-IDPA performed geoelectrical survey (tomography) and some hydraulic conductivity tests (slug tests) in the Ewa and Anetan districts. Nauru Project is funded by the municipality of Milan within the EXPO 2015 actions and the aim of the project is to provide Nauru with new infrastructures for the groundwater exploitation and directives for its sustainable management. 


The main themes of the project can be summarized in three key words: update, streamline and enhance the wastewater treatment of Integrated urban water management in Como district. The work is based on strong collaboration between managing bodies and Politecnico di Milano to:Optimize the wastewater treatment to reuse of treated waterImprove the quality of wasteReduce  the amount of generated waste (sludge)Develop the sustainable management of the plants 

IMRR - Integrated and sustainable water Management of Red-Thai Binh Rivers System in changing climate

The second basin meeting of IMRR project took place in Hanoi on January 30th, 2013.The IMRR project aims at developing and promoting strategies for the sustainable management of the Red-Thai Binh Rivers System in Vietnam through coordinated decision-making and negotiation, supported by modelling and optimization tools and through capacity building of local authorities in the water sector. The Project is funded by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affair as part of its development cooperation program.